Lalita Raman


Senior Executive Coach

Hong Kong

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Expérience coach

  • Certified ICF PPC
  • Specialized in Appreciative Inquiry
  • Certified Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Certified in Design Thinking and Innovation, Harvard University

Parcours professionnel

  • Executive Director, RBS
  • Director, JP Morgan Chase
  • Vice President, Morgan Stanley
  • VP Citibank

Diplômes académiques

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Bombay
  • Masters in Change Management, INSEAD

Lalita’s coaching style blends empathy and challenge in a way that drives results; She specializes in people development by building self-confidence and leveraging key strengths. She has developed a constructive approach to help leaders discover qualities and capabilities they do not consciously recognize.

Tous nos rêves peuvent devenir réalité, si nous avons le courage de les poursuivre...

Walt Disney

Parcours professionnel

With 20 years of corporate experience and over 10 years of coaching leaders one on one, in teams and groups, Lalita is a continuous learner, open-minded and her coaching style is challenging, results-oriented and empathetic. Lalita has extensive training and experience in working with individuals, groups and teams and facilitating their reflective practice, learning, growth, and development. She also has the awareness and ability to recognize and adapt for diverse coaching and learning styles.

Expertise coach

Lalita is warm, compassionate, and practical in her approach, She invests in building trust and builds rapport deeply and quickly. She is (and creates the space for others to be) vulnerable, approaching her engagements as a partnership of equals. Lalita designs trainings and programs in communication, leadership and change management and delivers these across industries including the banking and financial sectors, technology, legal, construction, telco, hotels and luxury goods.

With her coach-training based on neuroscience, she understands mindsets, how our brains work and function, and what prevents us from moving forward to be the person we want to be.

Ce que l'on dit de Lalita Raman chez Turningpoint

Lalita is diligent, outcome-focused, and committed to helping her clients conquer their challenges. She is passionate about transitions and works with leaders when they step into a new role, address competency gaps, or engage a new team or project.

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