Deborah Howard


Senior Executive Coach

New York, Etats-Unis

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Expérience coach

  • Certified as a Professional Certified Coach PCC by ICF (2012)
  • Specialized in leadership development, transformation, and empowerment

Parcours professionnel

  • Assistant Attorney General, State of Alaska
  • Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of New York
  • Director of Career Services, New York Law School

Diplômes académiques

  • Harvard College, AB
  • Northeastern University Law School, JD
  • American/NTL, MSOD

Deborah’s work is founded on the beliefs that leadership evolves from the inside-out through reflection and heightened self-awareness, that authenticity and vulnerability are pivotal in achieving one’s fullest potential, and that love surpasses fear.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. When we are courageous enough to be vulnerable, we expand our world and our possibilities.

Deborah Howard

Parcours professionnel

Deborah’s professional journey commenced in the field of law, where she pursued a career as an attorney with the aspiration of utilizing legal mechanisms to foster positive social change. After practicing law for a period, she grew disenchanted with the adversarial nature of litigation and sought alternative approaches to facilitate collaboration and connection among individuals, rather than perpetuating win-lose dynamics. This realization prompted her to pursue further education, obtaining a master’s degree in organization development, and subsequently becoming certified as a coach. Deborah finds fulfillment in guiding leaders and their teams through transformative journeys, empowering them to access their inner wisdom and unlock their creativity, passion, and potential.

Expertise coach

Deborah finds great fulfillment in coaching as it allows her to assist leaders in aligning with their purpose and values, unleashing their potential, and fostering excellence in themselves and those around them, leading to more fulfilling and impactful lives.

Ce que l'on dit de Deborah Howard chez Turningpoint

Deborah exudes energy, authenticity, and compassion in all aspects of her interactions. Her warmth and presence illuminate conversations, and she possesses a remarkable ability to listen attentively and empathetically.

Un (incroyable) cabinet international de coaching et de conseil en transformation, engagé pour développer un leadership authentique, innovant et collaboratif chez les dirigeants et les entrepreneurs, les équipes et les organisations.


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