Christina Quirin


Senior Executive Coach

Hambourg, Allemagne

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Expérience coach

  • Certified Coach by ICF PCC (2009)
  • High Performance Coaching PEP by Dr. Michael Bohne
  • Hypnosystemic Coaching and Organizational Development (Dr. Gunther Schmidt)
  • Systemic Team Coaching, certified STC 306° (Prof Peter Hawkins)

Parcours professionnel

  • Certified Team and Executiv Coach & Facilitator, Airbus Hamburg/Toulouse/Madrid
  • Journalist and editor

Diplômes académiques

  • Masters Degree in Politics and Humanities, Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich
  • BA Vienna Business School

Autres engagements

  • Volutary work for « Deutscher Kinderschutzbund»

Christina specializes in facilitating change and ensuring sustainable transformations. As an experienced leadership coach for teams and executives from all around the globe, she focuses on tech companies and corporates with a keen eye on agility and growth as a mindset. 

Adoptez une attitude positive et diffusez-la autour de vous, ne vous laissez jamais être une victime, et pour l'amour du ciel - amusez-vous!Jack Welch

Jack Welch

Parcours professionnel

Her 30+ years of business experience built the passion for helping senior leaders in global organizations to create more success through leadership awareness, agility and presence. When working with teams and leaders, Christina fosters a mature balance between process and results. On an organizational level she creates experiences for leaders and people that help them identify their culture and values as they transform and get more agile. Drawing on 20 years of working closely with multinational teams and organizations in the tech-field, Christina designs visioning and strategy-building workshops that help organizations grow and flourish and to create the collaborative culture that brings out the best in their teams.

Expertise coach

Christina is a certified coach since 2009 and has a broad and solid background of systemic coaching for teams. She focuses on the most effective way for each individual team and their leaders within the specific culture of the client organization. She helps her coachees to grow in transitions, especially when it comes to digital transformation or data science. She also has an expertise in leadership coaching, how to better manage teams, transition management coaching and learning how to sail safely through a crisis.

Ce que l'on dit de Christina Quirin chez Turningpoint

Christina is challenging, energetic and direct (almost radical) in a positive, ambitious way. Working with Christina will allow coachees to feel their larger selves and picture how team and collaboration could be in real life.

Un (incroyable) cabinet international de coaching et de conseil en transformation, engagé pour développer un leadership authentique, innovant et collaboratif chez les dirigeants et les entrepreneurs, les équipes et les organisations.


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