Allison Yong Hee Kim

Allison Yong Hee

Senior Executive Coach

Seoul, Corée du Sud

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Expérience coach

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC
  • The Faculty of Co-Active Coaching Training Institute (2020)
  • PCC Leadership Coaching (2020)

Parcours professionnel

  • General Manager, Puratos Korea
  • Commercial Director, North Asia, Hershey’s
  • Sales function, Coca-Cola

Diplômes académiques

  • E-MBA, Global Management, Aalto University
  • BA in English Education, Ewha Womans University

Autres engagements

  • Serving as Mentor @ Korea Student Aid Foundation (for University Students)
  • Serving as a mentor for the women leadership positions @Women Innovation Korea

Allison is dedicated to providing solace to her clients, embracing them in their current state and actively assisting them in realizing their aspirations, facilitating their journey towards becoming the individuals they aspire to be and achieving their desired destinations.

Rather than asking ‘what do I want from life?’, ask ‘what does life want from me?’ - this is a far more powerful question.

Eckhart Tolle

Parcours professionnel

In her early 30s, Allison took on the role of leading a team of eight members, presenting her with challenges in handling diversities related to age, career paths, and various individual characteristics. Amidst the chaos, she navigated the situation, relying on her instincts and beliefs.

Over time, Allison climbed the professional ladder to a senior leadership role. It was during this journey that she came to a profound realization – it wasn’t merely about overcoming challenges; it was about self-awareness. Understanding who she was, what she wanted, and the impact of her words and behaviors became pivotal. For Allison, the key to effectively dealing with others, particularly as a leader, lay in knowing herself.

Expertise coach

In 2013, Allison experienced a transformative coaching that sparked her interest in the need for leadership development. This coaching not only expanded her perspectives but also deepened her self-awareness. It laid the foundation for her shift from a 29-year corporate career to becoming a full-time leadership coach.

Allison recognizes that many leaders are often solely focused on achievement, emphasizing the « Head » aspect, neglecting the crucial balance with the « Heart. » As leaders transition to people managers, they realize that their past success methods may not universally apply due to differences in preferences and impact. As a coach, Allison partners with her clients to broaden their perspectives and enhance self-awareness. By understanding the impact they have, she empowers them to make better, more conscious choices in any situation.

Ce que l'on dit de Allison Yong Hee Kim chez Turningpoint

Allison enjoys travelling, embracing of nature, the simplicity of a walk, and the art of translating her experiences into written reflections. Engaging in conversations about diverse topics, she delights in sharing her unique perspectives and keen observations.

Un (incroyable) cabinet international de coaching et de conseil en transformation, engagé pour développer un leadership authentique, innovant et collaboratif chez les dirigeants et les entrepreneurs, les équipes et les organisations.


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