Darryl Stevens


Senior Executive Coach

London, UK

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Expérience coach

  • ICF Advanced Accredited Coach (2007)
  • Academy of Executive Coaching Advanced Programme Certified (2007)
  • Hogan Assessments Certified
  • Specializes in accelerated sustainable achievement and ‘Presenting with Impact

Parcours professionnel

  • Global Head of Client Marketing, Communications & Executive Coach, SOCIETE GENERALE, RBS, ABN AMRO
  • Head of Brand Development, Communications and Change Management, BRITISH AIRWAYS, AUDI, ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE

Diplômes académiques

  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management
  • Financial Conduct Authority, UK
  • ICF, AoEC Advanced Executive Coaching Certified

Autres engagements

  • Coaching leaders at the global charity CARE International

Médias & publications

  • ‘101 Coaching Strategies & Techniques’, contributing author

Darryl specialises in coaching senior professionals who want to out-perform, continually improve and accelerate their path to exceptional levels of sustained achievement. ‘Presenting with Impact’ is another area of coaching specialism. 

One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.

Leonardo da Vinci

Parcours professionnel

Darryl’s 1:1 executive coaching with over 600 senior leaders, uniquely combines a broad and deep range of psychology and coaching techniques, with two decades of global commercial leadership, mainly within the high-performance investment banking industry. As a pioneer of innovative marketing and communication strategies, he brings a truly differentiating and creative mindset to his coaching partnerships.

Expertise coach

Multi-cultural clients describe the output from Darryl’s coaching akin to ‘doing a degree in yourself’. His global clients’ search for consistent excellence is achieved through self-mastery, implementing bespoke solutions to deliver on their specific goals. His powerful coaching is well recognised by C-suite, traders and bankers across global markets and corporate divisions, as well as with leaders and talent in aviation, automotive, pharmaceuticals, academia, marketing, publishing and government. His high-performance partnerships also extend to working with elite sporting professionals and their management teams… those looking to access another level of sustained accelerated achievement.

In remaining true to his course of accelerating achievement, he regularly engages with Harvard University’s Coaching Psychology Institute, Academy of Executive Coaching, foresight leaders and technical experts to convert new thinking into advantages for his clients.

Ce que l'on dit de Darryl Stevens chez Turningpoint

One word responses from colleagues when asked to describe Darryl included: Personable, professional, soulful, committed, funny, trusted, generous, spirited, creative, smart.

Un (incroyable) cabinet international de coaching et de conseil en transformation, engagé pour développer un leadership authentique, innovant et collaboratif chez les dirigeants et les entrepreneurs, les équipes et les organisations.


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