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Alfredo Castro

Alfredo Castro

Senior Coach
Miami, Sao Paulo
Langues : Anglais, Espagnol, Portugais


Alfredo is a leader in pioneering new models of learning and performance and people development at workplace, generating improvement of the business results in global companies. Alfredo is a multi-lingual Euro-Brazilian consultant, keynote speaker, board director, MBA professor and business books writer.

Amongst his extensive experience at global/international arena, evidenced through awards and invitations to make presentations at international Training & Development (T&D) conferences, Alfredo Castro has travelled the world spearheading leadership models and learning solutions at business environment, mainly in the areas of change management, quality improvement, storytelling, corporate governance and consultative sales.

His 35 years of professional experience has given him the recognition from international T&D professionals and associations, after designing and implementing blended learning programs in more than 120 companies in more than 25 countries (Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas). Corporate governance expert, he has been certified as a board director for more than 10 years, and acted also as a mentor and/or coach for board directors.

After having a successful career as an executive along 17 years, in 1995 he became a member of ASTD – American Society for Training and Development - the world's largest association dedicated to training and development professionals. He is also a faculty at FIU in Miami and Sao Paulo and a keynote speaker for GE University Crotonville - Leadership for customers.