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Trust at work
The "cherry on top" or a key success factor?

Trust at work

The "cherry on top" or a key success factor?


French Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong - Wednesday, February 24, 2016


How does trust give organizations and individuals a competitive advantage?

What steps can we take to build trusting relationships?

How can self-confidence impact our ability to develop trust at a professional level?

Trust is learned and is a measurable skill that makes organizations more profitable, people more "promotable" and teams more successful at accomplishing their individual and collective goals.

Take away: key steps and techniques to enhance self-confidence and build trusting relationships


Véronique GIRMA, Executive Coach & Partner, Turningpoint Asia

Ikhlas BIDAU, Executive Coach & Director, Turningpoint Asia

8:30-10:00am, February 24, 2016

French Chamber of Commerce Hong Kong, 21/F On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Register online via the FCCHK website