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Julia Xiaoping Zhu

Julia Xiaoping Zhu

Senior Coach
Langues : mandarin, anglais


Julia has a passion for unleashing the potential of individuals and teams in organizations. She is an certified executive coach and develops learning and development processes for leaders, teams and organizations by connecting concrete business development tasks and personal/leadership development simultaneously. Through these developmental processes, leaders and team are better equipped with leadership tools, methods and can apply them in their daily work life. The transferability from learning to action becomes an embedded part in the learning process.

She has worked in the corporate world for more than 23 years in the United States, Taiwan, China, and Scandinavia. Her professional fields cover business development, accounting, auditing and taxes, operations and logistics, risk management, and learning and development. Julia also held professional positions at IKEA Asia for 12 years, where she ultimately became their Asia learning center manager. She set up programs & processes that aligned the company's leadership and development initiatives with business priorities by designing interventions for organization changes, supporting implementations, and developing leadership training programs.

Julia received her bachelor of science degree in industrial foreign trade from East China University in 1991 and her International MBA degree through a joint program with ENPC and TongJi University in 2004. She is an ICF Certified Coach(ACC), a member of International Association of Facilitators, the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA), and Certified Taxation Accountants of China (CICTA). Julia's native language is Mandarin, and she is fluent in English. Julia enjoys meditation, exploring western and eastern culture and leadership philosophies.