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Marco Wan

Marco Wan

Project Manager
Hong Kong
Languages : English, Cantonese, Mandarin


Marco is a business enthusiast inspired by the successes of reputable companies. Because of this fascination combined with his adventurous personality, Marco chose to pursue a Bachelors in Business Management at the University of Exeter in the UK. During his time at university, Marco discovered his passion for event coordination and management.

Tapping into his interest in technology, Marco capitalized on social medias to start a small business to gain more insight into the mechanics of social platforms. Furthermore, he participated in an AI program putting forth his business idea integrating artificial intelligence to provide unique customer convenience.

Leveraging his strategic thinking and interpersonal communication skills, he gained experience in various fields such as banking, education, and real estate during his time abroad.

His keen interest in people sparked an interest in executive coaching and led him to Turningpoint. Now as a Project Manager at Turningpoint Asia, Marco facilitates administrative and logistical works and provides technological support.