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Do Couto Sandrine

Do Couto Sandrine

Project Manager
Languages : French, Portuguese, English, Spanish


Sandrine was born in France to Portuguese parents and had a bi-culture upbringing. Her multilingual and bicultural background, she speaks portuguese, spanish and english, as well as and her interpersonal skills, has allowed her to easily thrive during her two expatriations in the United States and China.

Sandrine has a an abundant experience in the world of cosmetics and luxury from both the L'Oréal and LVMH groups, where she held various positions ranging from marketing coordination, business development and sales trainer / coach. Subsequently, her experience as a micro-entrepreneur as a retail training consultant allowed her to deploy and run training programs in retail management in the fashion world.

Motivated by the desire to join a human-scale company, and an environment that places people at the heart of the organization, Sandrine joined the Turningpoint adventure.  Dynamic and full of ideas, she manages and coordinates large client projects with ease.