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Maureen McKenna

Maureen McKenna

Senior AI practicionner & Senior Management Consultant
Language : English


Maureen works with the private & public sectors in a variety of industries, in Canada and in the US, including insurance, technology, education, healthcare, all three levels of Canadian government, professional associations and community agencies.

A Certified Management Consultant, Maureen has twenty years of corporate management experience and twenty years of management consulting. She is a Global Council Member of the Center for David L. Cooperrider Appreciative Inquiry, Champlain College (VT), a TAOS Institute member and Adler International Coaching Alumni. A respected member of the international Appreciative Inquiry community, she has led hundreds of training sessions on Appreciative Inquiry since 2001. Maureen was the Chair of the 2nd Canadian Positive Psychology Conference (CPPA) and is an active member of CPPA.

Maureen is certified in the Situational Outlook Questionnaire® (SOQ), measuring people's perceptions of the climate for creativity, innovation, and change in their immediate working environment.  The SOQ is used to help foster and maintain a climate that can support innovation and change.