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Thomas Tixier

Thomas Tixier

Project Manager
Languages : French, English


Thomas is an internal project manager at Turningpoint. Before joining Turningpoint, Thomas worked as a consultant in a web communication agency where he assisted companies and non-profits in their marketing and digitalization communication strategies. He is also trained in agile project management based on the SCRUM method, and leads agilility projects within large groups and SMEs.

Previously, Thomas has had various experiences, including 3 years at Orange moving from the School of Service and Customer Relationship (ESRC) to the Mobile Business Unit on the part Time To Market (BU Mobile TTM). These years all but reinforced the development of his appetite for digital. Marked by a year of humanitarian work in Madagascar and with a strong commitment to first aid, he vibrates the values of cohesion, altruism and efficiency.

Graduated from Sup de Com - IDRAC group, he also holds a master's degree in WEB project management. Thomas joins Turningpoint with a passion for understanding and knowing others with the goal of creating ever more appreciative relationships.