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Sophie Cappe de Baillon

Sophie Cappe de Baillon

Project Manager
Languages : French, English


A fan of everything digital and fascinated by human development, Sophie has degrees in Human Ressources and Educational Psychology from the Ecole de Psychologues de Praticiens.

Sophie is driven by the desire to guide professional development. She believes that the current digital revolution is an amazing opportunity for learning. During her experience within the Global Leadership Development department of Sanofi, she was in charge of the digital tools used by the Top 400 Executives, notably the internal social network. She worked directly on the digital strategy for blended learning programs.

During her time with a counseling company specialized in talent assessment, she learned to build tailor-made development plans and organized leadership trainings for millennials.

Drawing upon her studies in psychology and internships within various structures (hospitals, schools, skills assessment centers...), she has created a blog about educational counseling for student professional orientation.