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Sibylle Ouwerx

Sibylle Ouwerx

Senior Coach
Languages : French, Dutch, English


Sibylle is a Belgian coach, certified at New York University. She became inspired by Ghandi's famous quote ""Be the change you want to see in your organization" after a series of changes in her own career path, from law practice to civil society and coaching, in her home country and abroad (Central Europe, USA, Asia) and implements this conviction in her work as a coach.

After 13 years practicing law and being a law firm partner at the Brussels and Tournai Bars, Sibylle took advantage of a ten years expatriation with her family to acquire experience and specialize on multicultural exchange and adjustment, civil society operation, finance, and coaching.

She has been working as a coach since 2008 and accompanies individuals, teams and organizations to improve efficiency, embrace change as an opportunity, and create harmony.

To her, converting ever-changing working conditions into action plans to benefit both the employer and the employee makes coaching a thrilling and rewarding endeavour.

Her experiences include executive coaching , mediation and trainer within the legal sector (notaries, lawyers), the corporate world as well as working with social entrepreneurs.

Sibylle has a Master degree in Law from the University of Leuven (1986). She is certificated in executive coaching from NYU, certified PCM© Coach and Train the trainer. She is also a certified Mediator (2017), and specialized in Transactional analysis for two years.