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Anne Lienart

Anne Lienart

Senior Coach
Languages : French, Spanish, English


Anne is an executive coach based in Jakarta. She brings a global perspective with over 20 years of multicultural experience on three different continents in the Health field, in France, North America (Mexico), Africa (Ivory Coast) and Asia (Indonesia). This background allows her to develop strong experience in multi-cultural environment.

She is deeply passionate about people. She helps them raise their level of awareness and develop new resourceful ways to reach their ambition. She believes that setting up new resourceful behaviours requires a shift of mind set that will drive sustainable change. What she enjoys most is empowering her clients, helping them unlock their full potential, to reach their best personnel and business outcomes.

Through her career path, she specialized in change management, intercultural collaboration and process innovation. Anne frames her coaching approach around appreciative collaboration, emotional intelligence and creativity.

She is certified in systemic approach, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, Clinical psychology, neuroscience and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

She is certified in the use of various individual and collective psychometric instruments including MBTI, 360 assessments and MBSR.