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Marie-Colombe Deraison

Marie-Colombe Deraison

Project Manager
Languages : French, English


A human resources professional, Marie-Colombe is a Turningpoint Project Manager working as an interface between clients, Turningpoint coaches and programs’ participants.

After a two-year preparatory course (Hypokhâgne and Khâgne), Marie-Colombe chose a pluridisciplinary education route in Humans Resources, Psychology and Communications. As a Human Resources apprentice at Orange, she was in charge of providing support for managers in the development of their leadership skills to meet business demands, as well as the the job and skills forecast management.

She was then a teacher in a Parisian high school where she taught English to students ranging from 3rd to 12th grade and developed innovative work supports. In 2013, she joined an audit agency specialised in fine fragrances testing. As HR and Marketing Manager, Marie-Colombe built and maintained relationships with existing and prospective clients, was in charge of recruitment, trained and managed the teams, and analyzed the data collected.

With a strong attraction for the arts and particularly painting, Marie-Colombe has painted over sixty works.