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February 11, 2017

Turningpoint coach Guila Clara Kessous to lead workshop on meditation and positive psychology with Tal Ben Shahar and Fabrice Midal

"Give yourself a break : meditation and positive psychology"

A chance to to discover a new life approach through meditation and positive psychology.

And what if the biggest problem was that most of the demands to « relax » , actually add even more pressure ?

We are told to meditate, eat certain things, stay in shape, take inititatives, talk a certain way, be calm, dynamic, warm and serious all at the same time...
What if on the contrary you started by giving yourself a break ?

The three facilitators will present the latest techniques within meditation, non-verbal communication and positive psychology and will show how these fields enlighten and enrich the other.

By using surprising presentation techniques, simple exercises to get some peace and quiet and short guided meditation sessions, you will learn to stop putting pressure on yourself, no longer feel the need to be perfect, and stop comparing yourself to others all the time...


Fabrice Midal, one of the leading educators within meditation in France.

Guila Clara Kessous, Harvard lecturer, Turningpoint coach and expert in positive communication for better leadership.

Tal Ben Shahar, the famous professor of happiness at Harvard.


  • 10 h : Welcome
  • 10 h 30 – 12 h 30 : morning session
  • 12 h 30 – 14 h 30 : lunch break (no lunch is served)
  • 14 h 30 – 18 h : afternoon session (break included)
  • 18 h : Workshop ends

Espace Reuilly
21 rue Antoine-Julien Hénard
75012 Paris



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