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Amélie Demode-Bellescize

Amélie Demode-Bellescize

Senior Coach
Languages : French, English


Amelie coaches executives and their teams in leadership development. Amélie believes in the power of collective intelligence ; her approach is resolutely positive and humanistic. She enjoys coaching her clients with rigor and softness, with techniques that allow each and everyone to develop and achieve their potential as an individual as well as building an efficient team.

After working as a strategy consultant, Amélie held several positions in operational management (development, sales, operations) within the Accor Services Group. Furthermore, Amélie is passionate about education and is very involved as a trainer within « positive discipline », an approach that combines firmness with kindness and relies on encouragement. Amélie is a patron of the non-profit organisation Avarap. She offers group sessions for Avarap where she coaches executives going through professional transitions to define and implement their projetcs.

Amélie graduated from HEC and obtained her coaching certification from The Acadamy of Coaching. She enjoys combining several approaches and tools, such as non-violent communication, professional co-develoment or systemic coaching.