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Ayin Jambulingam

Ayin Jambulingam

Senior Coach
Kuala Lumpur
Languages : Malay, English


Ayin is an executive coach and leadership consultant working with international leaders in SEA, Europe and the Middle East. Ayin's approach draws on his experiences from finance, business and organisational behaviour, across three continents. He combines behavioural and cognitive approaches, systemic thinking and linguistics in his work.

With executives and teams, Ayin guides clients in an exploration of their internal and external dynamics to discover the levers that drive their behaviours. He also helps clients experience changes, take up their leadership roles with more authenticity and awareness, and improve their workplace performance.

In his previous business roles, Ayin worked as a transaction advisor to venture capital firms based in London and Geneva, focused on early-stage principal investments. Prior to this role, Ayin held senior roles at KPMG in Dublin, as well as at PwC and Morgan Stanley in New York.

Ayin holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Organisational Consultation from the Tavistock Clinic and an MBA from IMD International. He is a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioural Coaching Institute, an NLP Master Practitioner and Master Coach, as well as a Language and Behaviour Profile Coach. He is certified in the use of MBTI, FIRO-B, Hogan, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, and ChangePro Simulation. He is fluent in the use of several other individual, interpersonal and 360°feedback tools.