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Christian de Boisredon

Christian de Boisredon

Founder of Sparknews, expert in entrepreneurship and innovation
Paris - London
Languages : French, English


Author, entrepreneur, and humanist, Christian is an engineer by trade and a former Strategy and Change Management consultant. He has dedicated his professional life to discovering and sharing concrete and positive initiatives that give a flicker of hope to an anxious world. Christian helps others to regain trust in their abilities to resolve current challenges.

His best-seller, L'Espérance autour du Monde, was published following a year-long trip around the world during which he met and spent time with dozens of social entrepreneurs. Christian is the co-founder of Reporters d'Espoirs and worked for several years with Muhammad Yunus, pioneer of micro-credit.

In 2012 he founded Sparknews, a social business that gives visibility to positive and innovative projects.