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Transformational Leadership

Develop individual and collective leadership through coaching in order to accomplish the strategic transformation of an organization

Faced with a rapidly evolving context (economic, political, social), large organizations must constantly adapt with agility, innovation, leadership. To sucessfully lead transformation, what do we need to keep, change, and give up? Where is it necessary to accelerate and where should we slow down? How can we help our people develop a true culture of leadership?

For Turningpoint, Transformational Leadership is a major cross-sector initiative that develops individual and collective leadership capacities through coaching in order to drive the organization-level transformation needed to attain objectives of a Strategic Plan.



  • Unite the organization around shared convictions

  • Adapt behaviors and mindsets

  • Develop the capacity to drive long-term change


These sessions allow executives to construct and share a common vision and to define the Group’s transformation priorities.  They also explore key leadership behaviors that will allow each person to drive transformation and to spread change within their teams.


Based on « Systemic » and 
« Appreciative Inquiry » coaching foundations, our approach engages leader-catalysts in the development of innovative leadership mindsets and behaviors, drawing upon individual and collective strengths and resources.

An executive’s development does not follow an imposed model. Development begins by fostering awareness of tensions and by engaging support when testing new experiences and learning practices.

We believe that capacity to embark teams, foster a vision and sense of responsibility, and create cooperation demands going beyond a leadership only based on a contract (“transactional leadership”). A different type of leadership is needed in order to support the executive in a process that inspires, engages, and influences his or her collaborators (“transformational leadership”, Bass & Riggio). This approach is nourished by the work of Robert K. Greenleaf on “Servant leadership” which encourages executives to create an action framework that drives commitment and responsibility by giving direct reports the maximum decision-making power possible. 

We consider that the recognition each person has of his or her personal and collective strategies to maintain the status quo allows him or her to “systemically” unblock situations and enact real behavioral change in the long term (“systemic approach,” J.A Malarewicz & R. Kegan). 

Our development approach, guided by senior coaches, brings together a coaching posture and collective intelligence in order to instill true behavioral change at the heart of each organization.