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Fan the flame within you.

Fan the flame
within you.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is the opportunity to accelerate leadership development and to objectively treat different complex challenges.

Regular meetings with a personal coach provide a specific framework that permits the Executive to express and talk through the challenges encountered on a day-to-day basis, become aware of personal "blind spots," and decide on an appropriate plan of action. This autonomy-driven process encourages the Executives to foster effective relationships, strengthen their intuition, and make choices that will have a strong and lasting impact.


The executive has a key role to play. His/her own success rests on the success of the organization and the people in it.

The executive’s errors can have huge repercussions on employees, the company, and other stakeholders.

The executive’s challenges are numerous and complex.

The executive is often caught up in power games and cannot always identify the necessary means of improving the situation.

The executive must deal with sensitive issues that others do not wish to take on.

The executive must give meaning, direction, and movement to company projects.

In addition, he/she must make decisions, manage tensions, and referee disputes. The executive’s personality and strengths, which got the executive where he/she is today, can also work against him/her and others if necessary steps back are taken to gain perspective on the situation.

On-boarding is a particularly difficult moment for the executive.  Arriving in a new context, with a new mission, and with new teams is an enormous challenge.  In taking on a new role, the credibility of the executive is in play.  It is a transition period that the executive cannot afford to mess up, neither for him/herself nor for their organization.


Through executive coaching, the executive will be able to:

  • Take a step back in order to gain perspective of the situation and others, allowing good decisions.

  • Better understand his/her ecosystem, and how to best react to the particularities within the system, identify and deal with the inherent tensions of the role, and adapt management methods accordingly. In clarifying the thought process, the executive will develop new ways of looking at different situations and exploring options for taking action.

  • Determine and learn to rely on his/her strengths to succeed, discover how he/she can give all in the role, and identify possible obstacles and pinpoint ways to surmount them.

Once these aspects have been identified, the executive can ameliorate communication and interpersonal relationships and become completely comfortable in the role as a leader.


  • Meetings with a personal coach who takes on a role of « guide », « facilitator », and « partner in reflection »
  • Specific framework that allows the executive to express his/her various challenges, explore « blind spots », and become aware of decisions to make and actions to take
  • Autonomy-driven process that encourages the executive to make choices and that helps him/her to have a greater impact in the role

Turningpoint coaches, often executives themselves, are well-accustomed to guiding executives because they have a profound understanding of the challenges of this role. Turningpoint specializes in impactful transitions, such as on-boarding, and specializes as well as in female leader transitions.

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