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Our vision and convictions

Open the pathway
to Leadership Development

Turningpoint provides the opportunity for each person to take a step back from the frenetic pace of the business world and discover from within the foundations of great leadership.

Organizations have to cope in a complex world

Turningpoint clients, market frontrunner Groups and innovative high-growth companies, work in uncertain and complex environments. They must continue to develop and manage multiple contradictory tensions and challenges at the same time.
They have identified the risks and opportunities present.
They are at a strategic "turning point" : a critical passage that must lead to success.
They are ready to take the risk that comes with change. They know that the capacity of their organization to adapt, to better serve their clients, and to ensure sustainability directly depends on their leadership. For our clients, leadership development has become a strategic objective.

Leaders can build a better future

Executives themselves experience critical passages. They face risks and opportunities that determine their long-term success, as well as the success of their teams and the entire company.

They know they must reach certain objectives, that collective performance is always in play.

…but they also sense that the ultimate goal of their company and their own personal commitment goes beyond that of simple financial results. They want to fulfill their mission and contribute to the common good of society.

They know that they have a great responsibility.

…so, they want to act, moving past all the valid reasons not to act. They imagine a future that surpasses uncertainty, risk, and turbulence.

They know that change occurs when collaborators work together

…therefore, they motivate their teams and partners and stimulate the desire for change among all stakeholders, and thus build the society of tomorrow.

To inspire others to change, I must first develop my own leadership potential

For managers to be able to contribute to the strategic vision of the company, identify the risks of their positions, heighten the motivation of their teams, develop their talents, and understand their organizations in order to meet objectives and succeed in their roles, it means a true investment on their part in their role as manager and mission as leader.

In complex and high-pressure contexts :

  • understanding the heart of the problem and detecting weak points,
  • deciphering an ecosystem and creating sustainable cooperation,
  • driving innovation and creativity,
  • looking towards the future and giving it meaning,
  • determining dilemmas and committing to decisions,
  • carrying on in spite of adversity and celebrating successes 

…demands a leadership that is never definitively acquired.

The results?

Participants come out of a Turningpoint program with a new perspective having discovered or re-discovered who they are as leaders and what meaning they can give to their work.

A program with Turningpoint can impact their professional life.